Issue Nº 7

Issue Nº 7


Featuring Art projects by Fabien Baron, Olaf Breuning, Marcel Castenmiller, Ali Michael, Jean-Francois Lepage & Florent Tanet. Art feature project with Bruce Weber. Purist projects with Sophie Dahl, Matt Dillon, Marc Forster, Michele Hicks, Sohn, Daniel Turner, Vincent Van Duysen, Tasha Tilberg, Rad Hourani, Cory Stearns, Scott Haze, Melanie Ward & Chris Zylka. Fashion projects with Janice Alida, Jessica Paré, Bastian Thiery, Beth Donaghy, Max Irons, Kel Markey & Janis Ancens with photography by Enrique Badulescu, Malerie Marder, Dennis Golonka, Leon Mark, Christophe Kutner & Emilio Tini. Fashion spotlight project with Victoria Bartlett & VPL. Beauty spotlight project with Topolino. Last project with Christina Kruse.

240 pages
9 x 11 inches

ISSN: 977-2161-2420-01

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