Nº7 - The Purist / Minimal Issue

Nº7 - The Purist / Minimal Issue

This issue pays homage to the concept of Purism and Minimalism. Although different by definition, they both promote an aesthetic of refinement and simplicity. Purism in art was a movement that influenced French painting and architecture, and spanned the years 1918-1925. Minimalism in the arts began post-World War II, represented most strongly in the American visual arts in the 1960’s through the early ‘70s. In terms of fashion, both ideas date back to the ‘60s. It was during this era that we saw a strong push for functional and unpretentious clothing. In the ‘90s, minimalist fashion was embraced by designers such as Jil Sander, Calvin Klein, and Donna Karan, who made superbly executed cuts, with quiet use of color, tone, and shape. At Harper’s Bazaar, Baron also embraced minimalism, and introduced designs that were clean, effectual, and elegant. Risks were taken, and fresh voices were found. It was quickly dubbed “The world’s most beautiful fashion magazine.”

Since Un-Titled Project’s inception, many of the artists I had met and come to respect during my time at Harper’s Bazaar have contributed to its pages, including Fabien Baron, who, while in Iceland, photographed a landscape series for our art section titled Lost Lands (pg.18), making this an extra special issue, indeed!

Today’s minimalist movement continues with a futuristic slant, with an emphasis on geometric structures by designers such as VPL (pg.186), and artificiality, with a removal of gender from clothing, by designers such as Rad Hourani (pg. 116).

One of my favorite definitions of minimalism comes from an interview with architect Vincent Van Duysen (pg.106) who had this to say: “What I love (about minimalism) is the idea that the space is a stage for the parade of daily life.”

It is a perfect summation of what we hope UTP offers our artists, and our readers.

Dennis Golonka

Issue Nº 7

Featuring Art projects by Fabien Baron, Olaf Breuning, Marcel Castenmiller, Ali Michael, Jean-Francois Lepage & Florent Tanet. Art feature project with Bruce Weber. Purist projects with Sophie Dahl, Matt Dillon, Marc Forster, Michele Hicks, Sohn, Daniel Turner, Vincent Van Duysen, Tasha Tilberg, Rad Hourani, Cory Stearns, Scott Haze, Melanie Ward & Chris Zylka. Fashion projects with Janice Alida, Jessica Paré, Bastian Thiery, Beth Donaghy, Max Irons, Kel Markey & Janis Ancens with photography by Enrique Badulescu, Malerie Marder, Dennis Golonka, Leon Mark, Christophe Kutner & Emilio Tini. Fashion spotlight project with Victoria Bartlett & VPL. Beauty spotlight project with Topolino. Last project with Christina Kruse.

240 pages
9 x 11 inches

ISSN: 977-2161-2420-01

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