Nº8 - The Natural Issue

Nº8 - The Natural Issue

For this issue (our largest to date) we’re offering a quintet of covers featuring subjects as unique as the seasons themselves: actors Danielle Radcliffe and Sam Claflin, model Heather Marks, musician Cody Simpson, and Annamaria, a long time friend of artist/photographer Yelena Yemchuk, who has been shooting Annamaria, (and her mother), over the course of twenty years. We’re incredibly proud to be the first to present the series.

We’re also proud to present features on actress Sarah Paulson, artist Jock Sturges, and the award-winning screenwriter and activist Dustin Lance Black; as well as works by Malerie Marder, Tim Barber, Yann Faucher, and many others.

Lastly, we take a moment to remember two of UTP’S former collaborators, David Armstrong and Mary Ellen Mark. Phenomenal talent that will surely be missed.

Issue Nº 8

Featuring Art projects by Matthew Jensen, Yelena Yemchuk, Lucas Foglia, Luis Venegas, Tim Barber & Paul P. The Art feature project with Jock Sturges. Naturalist projects with Daniel Radcliffe, Dustin Lance Black, Sarah Paulson, Cody Simpson, Tham & Videgård, Cory Michael Smith, India Salvor Menuez, Peter Vack, Venetia Scott, Johan Svensson, Sam Claflin. Fashion projects by Carson Meyer, Maisie Kennett, Marcel Castenmiller, Jacob Morton, Heather Marks, EMIEL & Tali Lennox. Photography by Malerie Marder, Tim Richmond, Dennis Golonka, Ben Lamberty, Alex Straulino, Christophe Kutner & Yann Faucher. The Last project remembering David Armstrong & Mary Ellen Mark.

2016 - 2017
260 Pages
11 x 9 inches

ISSN: 977-2161-2420-01

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Nº7 - The Purist / Minimal Issue

Nº7 - The Purist / Minimal Issue