Nº8 - The Natural Issue

For this issue (our largest to date) we’re offering a quintet of covers featuring subjects as unique as the seasons themselves: actors Danielle Radcliffe and Sam Claflin, model Heather Marks, musician Cody Simpson, and Annamaria, a long time friend of artist/photographer Yelena Yemchuk, who has been shooting Annamaria, (and her mother), over the course of twenty years. We’re incredibly proud to be the first to present the series.

Nº7 - The Purist / Minimal Issue

This issue pays homage to the concept of Purism and Minimalism. Although different by definition, they both promote an aesthetic of refinement and simplicity. Purism in art was a movement that influenced French painting and architecture, and spanned the years 1918-1925. Minimalism in the arts began post-World War II, represented most strongly in the American visual arts in the 1960’s through the early ‘70s. In terms of fashion, both ideas date back to the ‘60s.