Nº9 - The Love Issue

After choosing this as the theme for issue 9, we proposed the question what is love to ninety people of all ages, genders, sexualities and races. It seemed simple enough, yet was anything but! The ninety answers we received ranged from playful to profound, disdainful to dreamy. Beginning on pg.66 you can read all the responses in the The Love Project, a very special portfolio within this issue.

Nº8 - The Natural Issue

For this issue (our largest to date) we’re offering a quintet of covers featuring subjects as unique as the seasons themselves: actors Danielle Radcliffe and Sam Claflin, model Heather Marks, musician Cody Simpson, and Annamaria, a long time friend of artist/photographer Yelena Yemchuk, who has been shooting Annamaria, (and her mother), over the course of twenty years. We’re incredibly proud to be the first to present the series.

Nº7 - The Purist / Minimal Issue

This issue pays homage to the concept of Purism and Minimalism. Although different by definition, they both promote an aesthetic of refinement and simplicity. Purism in art was a movement that influenced French painting and architecture, and spanned the years 1918-1925. Minimalism in the arts began post-World War II, represented most strongly in the American visual arts in the 1960’s through the early ‘70s. In terms of fashion, both ideas date back to the ‘60s.