Issue Nº 5

Issue Nº 5


Featuring Art Projects by Christophe Kutner, TM Davy, Hugh Lippe, Dennis Golonka, Alice Rosati, Brandon Herman & Leon Mark. Self Portrait Projects by Anthony Goicolea, Richie Culver, Aneta Bartos, Xaviera Simmons & Sandro Kopp. Fashion Projects by Dennis Golonka, Christina Kruse, Marcel Castenmiller, Marcelo Krasilcic, Ben Grieme, Yann Faucher & Jo Metson Scott. Feature Projects with actress Amanda Seyfried interview by Peter Sarsgaard, photography by Malerie Marder, and artist Max Snow interview by Wayne Northcross. The Last Project with Ross Bleckner.

192 pages
11 x 9 inches

ISSN: 977-2161-2420-01

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