Issue Nº 1

Issue Nº 1


We invited twenty-six photographers and illustrators to share their vision with us. They were given no limits, boundaries or themes. We simply had one request - that the work be previously unpublished. Contributing artists: David Armstong, Matthew Brookes, Tomas Falmer, Larry Fink, Dennis Golonka, Frederike Helwig, Joshua Jordan, Laura Laine, Kevin Mackintosh, Malerie Marder, Mary Ellen Mark, Mio Matsumoto, Melodi McDaniel, Sheila Metzner, Jenny Mortsell, Nils Odier, Jack Pierson, Julie Pike, Barnaby Roper, John Scarisbrick, Terry Tsiolis, Greg Vaughan, Ben Watts, Andrew Weir, and Christian Witkin.

180 pages
8 x 10 inches

ISSN: 977-2161-2420-01

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