Guy Aroch

Guy Aroch

For UTP Issue Nº 3 Guy Aroch photographed iconic Helena Christensen. The NYC based photographer moved to NY in 1993 to attend the famed School of Visual Arts. Guy quickly became a leading photographer in fashion, beauty, and entertainment. Today his signature use of color and tones gives his work a timeless feel while staying fresh, modern and unique.

We spoke with Guy about his work and thoughts on art.

Dennis: What is Art to you?

Guy: Real art is ALL about the reason for its existence ( and/or creation)... A piece of chewed gum on a gallery wall is just that unless its a piece of gum that was chewed by John Lennon!! 

When and how did your passion for photography begin?

As a kid with the need to freeze and collect moments in time!

How would you describe your current style?

My current style is all about feeling!! ( feeling it is just as important to me as seeing it.)

Who is someone you have not yet worked with but would like to?

Georgia May Jagger. I love her look.

What advice would you give the young creatives of today?

Do what u think turns u on! ...O, and stick to it!

Photography: Guy Aroch
Makeup: Alice Lane
Model: Helena Christensen
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