All in Issue Nº5

Less Than Zero

"When I stop at Gelson's for some cigarettes and a bottle of Perrier, I find a lizard in the front seat. The checkout clerk is talking about murder statistics and he looks at me for some reason and asks if I'm feeling okay." - BRET EASTON ELLIS, Less Than Zero

Hotel Memories

The portraits within this portfolio take place in various hotel rooms across the US. I chose the neutrality of hotels with the intention of creating an empty canvas while inviting a sense of intimacy. I asked each subject to relax and recall an emotional memory. The goal was to combine cinematic composition with genuine emotions.

5 Days With Alice

5 DAYS WITH ALICE is a self-portrait art project which purpose is to show some of the different faces & cliches of sexuality in the limited time of 5 days. From bondage, asphyxia, the use of childlike costumes, the fetishism of nails to the classical binomial of sexy girls & fast cars.


These images are from a collection of very intimate moments of life. While editing the project, I realized that most of the images were representing intimacy, and still, they kept a narrative strength. I love the color palette that is coming out of this work.