The Love Project

Issue Nº9.  Love

with photos by

Nino Munoz. Jack Pierson. Daniel Jack Lyons Dennis Golonka Alex Freund Luis Venegas Chris Craymer Alessandro Dal Buoni Chris Hanley. Hao Zeng Cornelius Kass. Fabio Paparelli. Malerie  Marder &  Slater Bradley

Nº9 - The Love Issue

After choosing this as the theme for issue 9, we proposed the question what is love to ninety people of all ages, genders, sexualities and races. It seemed simple enough, yet was anything but! The ninety answers we received ranged from playful to profound, disdainful to dreamy. Beginning on pg.66 you can read all the responses in the The Love Project, a very special portfolio within this issue.