All in Issue Nº7


That Victoria Bartlett decided to name her conceptual line of body-focused clothing. VPL says a lot about her and her brand. - and yes, it stands for what you think it does, 20-plus years in New York have done nothing to diminish this Brit's cheeky sense of irreverence.

Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon’s “new favorite word is verisimilitude.” It’s not the cadence of the adjective that draws him in, though my own tongue twists while he mouths it with ease. It’s the getting at the truth that he’s after. “Big things happen to little people,” he says self-deprecatingly, his voice a deep baritone, lacking in pretension. At the age of fourteen while cutting class, Mr. Dillon was discovered by a casting director for the film, Over the Edge and subsequently cast in the lead role as Ritchie, a troubled teen.

Marc Forster

Marc Forster is recalling a dream. When people relay their dreams, my face usually halts to a bemused, glassy stare while my brain picks through a shopping list of things I would rather do. Even a fleeting hallucination feels too private to print (though confidentially, his detailed description of a goat haunted me for days).

Max Irons

Max Irons is busy. Very busy. And so, after many failed attempts at conducting this interview in person, we finally settled on Skype to bring us together; he while vacationing in Greece, and I in NYC suffering through a blistering heat wave.

Scott Haze

The adjective “chiseled” is used pretty capriciously to describe handsome, male lead actors, but Scott Haze is actually chiseled. His face is almost beset by impossibly high cheekbones and the paleness of his skin and eyes make him seem as though he may in fact be carved of marble.