Nº9 - The Love Issue

Nº9 - The Love Issue

After choosing this as the theme for issue 9, we proposed the question what is love to ninety people of all ages, genders, sexualities and races. It seemed simple enough, yet was anything but! The ninety answers we received ranged from playful to profound, disdainful to dreamy. Beginning on pg.66 you can read all the responses in the The Love Project, a very special portfolio within this issue.

To be honest, when we started this, I expected to receive relatively similar answers to this question of what is love. However, to my surprise, no two answers were alike. I realized that’s because there can never be one definition of love. Love is universal, yet everyone experiences it differently. It’s diverse. It’s alive, and one can grow with it, or out of it. It’s everything and more that is expressed by the unique group of subjects we photographed for The Love Project. Check it out, and ask yourself...

What does love mean to you?

Featuring The Art Project with works by Jared Buckhiester, Malerie Marder, Wanda Orme, Laurel Nakadate & Matt Lambert. The Love Project with photos by Nino Muñoz, Jack Pierson, Daniel Jack Lyons, Dennis Golonka, Alex Freund, Luis Venegas, Chris Craymer, Alessandro Dal Buoni, Chris Hanley, Hao Zeng, Cornelius Käss, Fabio Paparelli Malerie Marder & Slater Bradley. The Fashion Project With Subjects Dominique Brannontel, Briggs Rudder, Emma Surmon, Morten Nielsen, Akiva Miller, Samuel Wilken, Jazelle Zanaughtti, Lucas Satherley, Noah Boling, Claire Kempf & Rory Mackenzie Arthur, Maria Kundry, Sarah Abney, Amira Pinheio, Madison Rian, Marland Backus, Nathan Morgan, Clement Puyoou. Caleb Landry Jones & Sophie Cookson with Photography by Enrique Badulescu, Arielle Bobb-Willis, Dennis Golonka & Francesco Barion. The Last Project remembering Christophe Kutner.

258 Pages
11 x 9 inches

ISSN: 977-2161-2420-01

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Sophie Cookson

Sophie Cookson