Dorothea Barth-Jörgensen

Dorothea Barth-Jörgensen

Swedish born model Dorothea Barth-Jörgensen won the Elite modeling competition at the age at 16, moved to New York City a year later and has not stopped working since. Dorothea is a true beauty inside and out. She lights up the room upon entrance, her eyes filled with light and smile with warmth.  She has become a muse to many photographers, myself included.  

Working with her for UTP Issue 5 was a true collaboration. She understands the art of photography as a model and photographer, she is the epitome of what it is to be a New York artist. She is known as a photographer, writer, blogger, model, and actress. Dorothea shared with us some of her artwork as well as taking the time to answer a few questions below.

Dennis: You moved to New York from Sweden at the age of 17 after winning the Elite modeling competition. What was your initial impression of NYC?

Dorothea: My first impression of NYC was overwhelming, and I think it was because It's such an inspirational chaos-energy, People places, restaurants, stores, in all shapes, forms and from different cultures and religion, it's a versatile meeting point with people representants from every corner of the world.

I read an interview recently where you said "Everyone who's in NY has some sort of goal" What is yours?

My goal is to live and work in an environment where everything is possible… Outside your comfort zone in a world of extreme demanding outside pressure, Like NYC.  To stay true to who I am, and the one I am becoming to be, treat people with honesty and respect, and in all that, work with what I love, to create.

In addition to modeling, you are also a wonderful photographer and talented writer. Showcasing much of your work on your blog Displaced Bones. Tell me about your blog, How did it begin and what has it become?

Displaced Bones started as a joke actually, I needed a playground for my writing and pictures, a place where I could also share and be vulnerable and inspire other to share some of their creative processes. A lot of it, I some subconscious material that is not to "edited" and more about sharing the imperfect and raw. That's what makes me inspired.

Your photography has a wonderful softness and organic quality about it. Who are some of your artistic icons you draw inspiration from?

Thank you! I´m very drawn to atmospheres, it's more than the composition and object that excites me.... Sally Man and Francesca Woodman, Juergen Teller. They all have a very strong unique esthetic, and they all have a strong atmosphere, that you can't really see, but It's for real and you feel it deep within when you look at their work.

What is beautiful to you?

Beautiful is real and complex, doesn't have to be organic, but its need to be something capture my attention, that the approach is so clear and honest and "naked" but still have something to hide, that surprises me.

You interviewed illustrator Liselotte Watkins on your blog and asked her to share a "secret about herself?" Now it is your turn, tell me a secret about yourself?

I have never been in Love but trust that I will come to me when the time is ready.

What are you working on now?

Since work is very great at the moment, I have less time to work on personal projects… But when I have time I write on a Screenplay, also working on a series of Illustrations for a magazine.Then hopefully I will be able to do more acting.

 What advice would you give a young girl looking to begin a career as a model?

Be yourself, and even if your amazing and beautiful from within don't expect to be a model, since it's out of our control, it's an unfair business, with ups and downs. Focus on what makes you happy to do in life, regardless anyone else's opinions, and follow that. And if modeling works out. GREAT!

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